One for the Money FB Page

Hey guys! It’s about time we pull this book out of the 90’s and make it a bit more modern.  Stephanie using a car phone?  With a CORD?!  Ranger carrying a “beeper”?  What is this all about?  Because social media is (sadly) one of the ways in which we define ourselves (and how people can stalk us…) the antics of these characters will surely be worthy of a page all to themselves.

Your task: Create a facebook page for any one of the main characters.  This could be Stephanie Plum, Joe Morelli, Ricardo Carlos “Ranger” Manoso, Benito Ramirez, heck…even Vinnie or Connie.  All of these characters are rich, funny, and have a lot to say.

How to accomplish this task: Because is often unreliable and the server can’t handle a boatload of people working at once, we will go old-school and use this Facebook Template. 

Download the template and save it to your H-drive and rename it with your name.

Open it up and change EVERYTHING!  This includes pictures, status updates, friends, photo albums.  There are three pages total, and the smallest detail can have the biggest impact on your project.